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I am no longer in the El Paso area. I am currently on deployment with the US Army but will keep my website up in my absence for informational purposes and to assist you in gaining info on obtaining your CHL. I'm looking forward to my return to continue in helping others exercise their 2nd Amendment Right!

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Welcome to the CENTER MASS Concealed Handgun License Course website!  We pride ourselves on providing the BEST CHL instruction class in El Paso, Texas! 

Consistent rave reviews and praise by our students should tell you that you truly do get what you pay for, and in our student’s eye’s they got THE BEST!

We provide Breakfast, Lunch, Passport Photos, any course related Notarial Services, Qualification Weapon if needed (NO rental fees, you provide ammo), range safety equipment (including eye and hearing protection), Quality Assurance Review of your application materials ensuring a first time go…(heck, we even provide you a pre-addressed envelope to mail it into the state right after class).  When we say we provide you EVERYTHING you need, and then some, to submit your application the same day as the class…WE MEAN IT!  It’s not just a catchy slogan…it’s true! “Center Mass is your best shot!!”

The other guys may claim to be a few dollars cheaper, but let’s just face it; they aren’t providing the level of service you get from CENTER MASS!  Save yourself the time and trouble of putting your own packet together, driving around town wasting time (and gas) gathering needed items and the chance of  application rejection by the State for something that may be missing.

By visiting us today, you have already taken the first step to protecting yourself and your loved ones.  With our training and expertise, you will quickly be on the road to legally exercising your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.  If you have found yourself saying “I will not become a statistic!” then you are ready to go!  Visit the 5 STEPS TO OBTAINING YOUR CHL page and complete the steps to apply for and secure a seat in one of our CHL courses!  Remember, you may schedule yourself for the next course or a future course date. 

Visit the SCHEDULE page for a listing of the available course dates.  Can’t make one of our scheduled course dates?  Contact us for more information on Private Lessons! 

We look forward to meeting you and helping you secure the knowledge and peace of mind that you will be prepared if placed into a situation requiring the use of Deadly Force.


We Support American Troops!

(Because I am an American Troop!)


2nd Amendment!
Only YOU can help protect OUR 2nd Amendment Rights!

Call your senators and congressmen and women and tell them you value your right.

If your politicians do not favor the 2nd Amendment, DO NOT VOTE THEM BACK INTO OFFICE!

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