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I am no longer in the El Paso area. I am currently on deployment with the US Army but will keep my website up in my absence for informational purposes and to assist you in gaining info on obtaining your CHL. I'm looking forward to my return to continue in helping others exercise their 2nd Amendment Right!



For a list of the most current Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) CHL Downloadable Forms, CLICK HERE

NOTE:  This link will also include the Duplicate Form request (CHL-70) that must be complete and submitted should there be a change of address, name, status, or any information that is required to be displayed on the front of the license.

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2nd Amendment!
Only YOU can help protect OUR 2nd Amendment Rights!

Call your senators and congressmen and women and tell them you value your right.

If your politicians do not favor the 2nd Amendment, DO NOT VOTE THEM BACK INTO OFFICE!

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